An Uncommon Firm

What we're designed to do


There’s something to be said for not being normal

We’re not a normal financial firm, and you’re not a normal business owner, a normal professional, or a normal athlete. You operate at a different level and you produce a different kind of result. We know what that’s like.

Navigator was designed to be different

When we created Navigator we had a very specific intent:

Deliver advanced financial planning and guidance for elite performers in business and sport.

To do that, we needed to do some things that weren’t so common at the time, and that can still be difficult to find sometimes.

We brought together an organization that:

  • Understands what it means to be an elite performer and the implications that go with it
  • Brings the technical expertise needed to deliver advanced planning and solutions for elite clients with more advanced needs
  • Has the experience necessary to develop financial plans, investment strategies, protection plans and wealth distribution approaches that can move you closer to your goals
  • Works with top business owners, successful entrepreneurs, specialized professionals, world-class professional athletes and advanced individual investors
  • Delivers an experience that’s on par with what you’ve come to expect in other areas of your life

Who we help

Who you hang around with speaks volumes

Elite – We help elite performers in business and sport.

If you, like us, know what it means to be elite, then you’re probably in the right place. We know that elite doesn’t mean arrogant, doesn’t mean cocky, and doesn’t mean always being right. Elite means holding to a different standard. It means you paid a price others weren’t willing to pay and now you can enjoy a result most others won’t experience.

How we help

We Have Specialties Worth Noting

Elite Professionals

Specialist Professionals are a unique group that have either cultivated and very tight speciality, or have become so good at their profession that they are heavily sought after. They are similar to professional athletes in that, while they are in the game and performing well, their compensation is very strong. The key is to ensure those earnings are protected and wisely handled for the future. It’s a real area of expertise for Navigator.


Professional Athletes

Professional athletes have unique challenges because of the variables that can affect the length of their career and fluctuations in earnings. It’s common for us to sit down with athletes and agents to map out how to make their earnings last beyond their professional sports career. We’ve helped athletes in Canada, the United States and Europe to make sound plans so they can have confidence about their future, and keep their attention on the present.


Individual Investors

Individual Investors looking for more advanced guidance find a good fit at Navigator as we work with them to help the secure their future and manage their estates appropriately. There is often a need for solid advice on estate equalization and succession, along with well-designed charitable giving.


Business Owners

We work with business owners who want to continue to grow their company while keeping their tax load as lean as they can. They want to make some wise choices with how they use the proceeds of their business, and also how they take care of group pensions, employee benefits, buy-sell and key person insurance.