While Brandon Prust is well-known and respected for his time in the NHL, to those who've met him, he's far better known as someone who takes care of people, on and off the ice.

A London native, Brandon has held a simple and powerful approach of working hard, being coachable, and being kind to the people around him. It has earned him a professional and personal reputation for being supportive, respectful and caring. But he's tough at the same time. When the pressure goes up, he's there. When people need his guidance. He's there. These are some of the many reasons we're thrilled to have Brandon on the Navigator team.

Brandon has been a client of the firm, and a student of finance since his 20's Unfortunately, he's witnessed first-hand the effects of poor judgement and poor guidance when it comes to how elite performers handle their wealth. He's also seen the powerful impact that great guidance has on the future of a top performer. Quite simply, good advice has a compounding effect – and it's one he intends to bring to like-minded high-performers, whether in business or in sport.

Active in the community, involved with the London Knights, and the founder of a children's charity that has already raised over $1 million, Brandon is true to his word; helping those around him and keeping the spotlight where it belongs – on you.

519.850.5000, ext. 30