Some people say, “It's all about relationships,” but they don't quite know how to do that. Cam, however, lives it. He knows that at the centre of every decision, and at the heart of everything that matters to us is a relationship that matters. He knows it, he lives it, and his clients know it.

If you boiled down how Cam operates to a simple phrase, it would be that Everyone Is Taken Care Of. Whether he's solving the technical issues of wealth accumulation, asset protection, and longer term estate and tax planning, he'll work with you to develop a plan where you'll feel taken care of. At company events, he makes sure everyone is taken care of, and every detail is taken care of. Even in community charitable events, he wants to make sure everyone is OK.

It's reassuring to know someone is so focused on the relationship that they'll keep reaching out and staying connected through thick and thin. That's Cam.

519.850.5000, ext. 26